How it works

We help you start your motorcycle entrepreneurship journey. Here’s How


  • Electric motorbikes
  • Fuel motorbikes
  • 3 Wheel motorbikes

Loan Specifications

  • We offer a brand new motorbike.
  • An advance payment of Rwf 200,000
  • Daily repayment of Rwf 5,000 payable on a weekly basis.
  • The repayment period of 22 months subject to the cost of the bike and its accessories

Package Includes

  • New Motorcycle
  • Plate number
  • 2 Helmets
  • Motorcycle taxi insurance for the loan lifetime
  • RURA authorization for the loan lifetime
  • GPS tracker
  • The guarantee provided by the supplier of the bike
  • Income tax and Trading License for loan lifetime
  • Ownership transfer fees after loan repayment


  • An application letter addressed to the CEO of JALI FINANCE
  • Loan applicant full address village, cell, sector, District, Province)
  • Copy of the National Identity card of the applicant
  • Proof of residence
  • A copy of driving license category “A”
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Guarantor
  • Valid health insurance
  • Guarantor identity card
  • Advance payment slip
  • At least one-year experience as a taxi motor driver

Who is a guarantor

An individual, a company, or a cooperative, which/who accepts all conditions of loan guaranteeing and signs the guarantor contract and serves as a contact person.