How It Works

Loan Specifications

  • We offer a brand new motorcycles
  • An advance payment of Rwf 90,000
  • Daily repayment of Rwf 4,000 payable on a weekly basis
  • 18 Months (546 days) of loan life time
  • Total repayment of rwf 2,184,000.
Package includes

Package includes

  • New Motorcycle
  • Plate number
  • 2 special helmets
  • Motorcycle taxi insurance for the loan life time
  • RURA authorization for the loan life time
  • GPS tracker
  • Telephone (smart phone)
  • One-year Guarantee provided by RMC
  • Income tax and Trading License for loan life time
  • Ownership transfer fees after loan repayment.
Applicant Requirement

Applicant Requirement

  • An application letter addressed to the CEO of JALI FINANCE
  • Loan applicant full address village, cell, sector, District, Province)
  • Copy of the National Identity card of applicant
  • A copy of driving license category “A”
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Guarantor
  • Valid health insurance
  • Guarantor identity card
  • Advance payment slip of 90,000Rfw
  • At least one-year experience as a motorist
Who is a Guarantor

Who is a Guarantor

  • An individual, a company or cooperative, who/which accept all condition of loan Guarantor
  • Will sign the guarantor contract and serve as a contact person
Uniqueness of Imparage 125CC

Uniqueness of Imparage 125CC

  • It has 5 gears, which give its engine power
  • It equipped with a Security alarm system
  • Average consumption rate: 45km/liter
  • It is made with premium quality spares; hence, the best durable product
  • Spare parts available on the market and with the best price.