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Why Invest In Jali Finance

Market Need and Opportunity

The East African market is experiencing a surge in demand for motorcycles due to the ease with which they provide transportation. Demand is currently estimated at 800,000 per year. According to industry experts and estimates, 70% of motorcycle users require access to finance when it comes to purchasing these assets so that they may commence operations. This has created a significant market opportunity for finance providers. From an initial assessment, 30% of applicants meet Jali Finance’s requirements generating a 240,000 addressable motorcycle market in East Africa alone.

Electric Cabs

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Green Environment

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Electric Bikes

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Growth Strategy

Jali Finance aims to grow its business through multiple high-impact approaches:

  • Expand geographically into other provinces in Rwanda and additional cities in East Africa. However, the current focus of the company is to further penetrate the Kigali market.
  • Diversify into other income generating assets by introducing new products such cabs.
  • Establish strategic partnerships in order to pioneer the lease-to-own model for electronically powered motorcycles.
  • Further develop its online platform to streamline the lease application and management process.
Competitive Advantage

In order to simplify its services and streamline applications for motorcycle assets, Jali Finance has developed a technology platform that gathers data for a thorough credit appraisal and simplifies the online application process. Customers are able to apply for ownership of these assets online through the company’s tech app, enabling scale.

Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of motorcycle brands, allowing customers to choose what works for them and all these follow affordable repayment conditions. 

$3.8M Invested by June 2023

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