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3 Wheelers.

Make transportation easy in your community by adopting a 3 wheeler. 3 Wheelers are now the game changers and you definetely be involved in the change.

Fuel Motorbikes.

Get a strong motorbike which you can travel with all over the places. Earn a sustainable living with our affordable fuel motorbikes.

Electric Bikes

Get yourself an electric bike and contribute towards a green environment as you earn more income.

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We Give You

Understand what you take home with your motorbike.

We understand getting all the required documents to start the motorbike taxi business is a bit time consuming and so demanding. That is why we ensure you get a full package that help you get started as soon as you get your motorbike. Below is a list of items that come with the bike.

  • Number Plate
  • 2 Helmets
  • RURA authorization
  • Motorcycle taxi insurance.
  • GPS Tracker
  • Income Tax and Trading License
  • Guarantee provided by the supplier of the bike



Here are the major

Our goal is to enable you create a sustainable channel of income. That is why we ask a few requirements which everyone can get easily